At Exhibtion

Relook.Recalculate.Reform from saakshita on Vimeo.


Documentation Book


A small spread to show how anyone can make their own multitouch table at their own convenience.


Some pictures from the exhibiton space at Freedom park, Bangalore. The response was good and I would sincerely like to thank Shreya Gupta for helping me through out the exhibition. Her energy and enthusiasm made it look so simple.

The Whole Setup


This is quite promising for this kind of work in the future

Testing Trial 2

At this point I though it was important to convey that the blue screen in the videos and pictures is not how it looks in reality. This because naked eye cannot view infra-red light whereas the camera can. Result of which the interface looks comparatively dull

Many more problems to reslove, but it is big leap from where i was last week.